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Tablet press | Overview

Depending on the requirements in the specific case, very different types of tablet presses are available in the commercial sector. They differ mainly in their performance and in the quantity of tablets produced by the machine per specified unit of time. The following performance characteristics must be taken into account:

Production speed

In the production environment, production speed is regularly the metric that determines the efficiency of a tablet press. Here, a precise calculation is necessary before purchasing the device: How many tablets are to be produced? In what time frame must they be ready for shipping or resale? Anyone who calculates a production volume of 500 tablets per hour needs a more powerful tablet press than someone who estimates a production volume of 30 to 50 tablets per hour.

Filling quantity

The filling quantity of the die is decisive for how heavy the finished tablet will be after the production process. Often, a certain weight is desired for the tablet.

However, the density of the starting materials and the size of the tablet, which is influenced by the punches together with the die as a template, also play a significant role.

Food Safety

Tablets for the pharmaceutical sector must meet different requirements than tablets that are used as food supplements, for example. Dietary supplements are classified as foodstuffs and must be handled accordingly. This also requires that the tablet press used to manufacture food supplements meets food safety requirements. This applies in particular to the surfaces.


A tablet press does not necessarily have to be transportable if it has a fixed operating location. However, the situation is different if the tablet press is not used exclusively at one location, but can also be moved from one location to another.

Then a tablet press is required that can be transported and does not require a fixed stationary environment.

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Eine Tablettenpresse kommt immer dort zum Einsatz, wo Pulver zu Tabletten komprimiert werden soll. In der Regel handelt es sich dabei um pharmazeutische Produkte.

However, not only medicines, but also lifestyle products, dietary supplements and cosmetics can be turned into products for retailers and end consumers in a tablet press.

The advantage of a tablet press is obvious: it guarantees that the tablets produced are uniform in size, shape and also weight - especially the last point is of paramount importance when it comes to the production of tablets for medical use.

When using a tablet press, the starting product is always a powder - and this is completely independent of the final product in which it is to be used afterwards. The powder can consist of various substances. These depend on the objective that will be pursued in the use of the future tablets. In addition to active substances, of course, excipients are also added to the powder - for example, colorants, but also binders and similar excipients.

The ready mixed powder is then filled into the tablet press. Depending on the size of the tablet press, the capacity of the machine is also aligned. This means: The larger the machine, the more powder can be filled - and the more tablets can be produced in one operation. The powder is then fed via a hopper into a die, which is fitted with punches from above and below and then presses the powder into the desired shape. The result is a finished and durable tablet that is also ready for further processing or packaging.

Tablets produced with a tablet press usually consist of granular starting material. The finer and more powdery the powder, the more concentrated the end product. However, not every tablet is also intended for use with superfine powder - here it is worth taking a look at the specific requirements of the machine. Only professional use guarantees a satisfactory result for manufacturers and also for consumers.

Moist starting materials cannot be used either. Here, too, the use and permissibility of the moisture contained depends on the specific tablet press.

In the context of flexible use of the tablet press, another aspect is of concern to manufacturers and producers: not all tablet presses allow the choice between purely mechanical manual operation and electrical operation in the context of large-scale production. In the case of a flexible tablet press, this can certainly be set on a case-by-case basis - so production can be customized and individually adapted at any time without causing production downtime and unnecessary costs.

The tablet press, especially the devices in industrial use, regularly consist of the same components. These include, on the one hand, the filling chamber for the ready-mixed powder, already mentioned above, the hopper through which the powder is filled into the die and brought "into shape" with the punches.

This covers the essential components of a tablet press - both for tablet presses that are operated mechanically or with muscle power and for tablet presses that are operated with an electric motor. These are usually the devices that can produce large quantities of tablets and therefore dispense with purely manual operation.

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