TDP-0 Single Punch Tablet Press


Also the TDP-0 Single Punch Tablet Press is characterized by an advanced and efficient way of working in the production of tablets.

Unlike other machines, it is manually operated and produces round tablets up to 10 millimeters in diameter and 6 millimeters thick. It eliminates the need for connection to the power and is therefore optimal for those who want to use the tablet press variable and flexible.

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What are the advantages of the TDP-0 Single Punch Tablet Press?

The TDP-0 Single Punch Tablet Press is used in many areas: In research as well as in hospitals, clinics or laboratories and, of course, also in industry, the tablet press is popular hardware for the production of small quantities. Users appreciate the low weight of the TDP-0 Single Punch Tablet Press and the fact that it does not require an external power source - even without a power connection, production is possible without any problems.

Important to know: Although the TDP-0 Single Punch Tablet Press uses only manual operation, no significant force is required to produce tablets of the desired composition.

If you are interested in possibly retrofitting your tablet press with a motor, then the TDP-0 Single Punch Tablet Press is unfortunately not suitable for your requirements, because: Retrofitting is not possible with this tablet press.

Production speed: In practical use, it has been shown that the production speed can easily reach around 30 to 50 tablets per minute. However, this production speed can only be maintained as long as the necessary energy is available for it, i.e.: as long as the user is physically able to muster this energy. Realistically, it is very difficult to sustain 30 to 50 tablets per minute for long. Users advise against producing a large quantity of tablets with the TDP-0 Single Punch Tablet Press - here it is worth calculating how long a production quantity of more than 500 tablets would take, for example.

Filling quantity: Important for all manufacturers is also the question, what is the maximum weight of a tablet to be able to use the TDP-0 Single Punch Tablet Press. The answer is not simple, because: As with all other substances, the decisive factor here is the density of the substances used and, above all, their size.

Food Safety: With the TDP-0 Single Punch Tablet Press, not only tablets for the pharmaceutical sector can be produced, but also tablets from the food sector - for example, food supplements of all kinds. All surfaces are food-safe. However, the legal regulations are decisive in the specific case: they must be fulfilled in order to be able to start production in the food sector.

Can the TDP-0 Single Punch Tablet Press also be used for series production?

In fact, the TDP-0 Single Punch Tablet Press is not the machine of choice for producing large quantities of tablets. It requires physical effort in the literal sense of the word - which is contrary to series production. For this purpose and for the production of large batches of tablets, much better suited tablet presses can be found on the market, which, for example, replace the physical effort by connecting to an external power source.

Model TDP-0
Max. Pressure 15Kn
Max. Tablet diameter 10mm
Max. Filling depth 11mm
Max. Thickness of the tablet 6mm
Weight 30kg

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